Technoavia Rysachok

This Russian low wing, twin turboprop aircraft has a 'sturdy' appearance, with its nearly square fuselage cross section and large square cabin windows, straight wings and big single wheel main landing gear. At  the rear of the Rysachok ('trotter') is a larger vertical stabiliser with a rudder all the way from the top to the bottom of the rear fuselage. The engine nacelles with intakes on top also have straight edges, including the exhausts at the side! The turboprops power five-blade props. As such it looks a bit like a crossover between an Ae270 and a Rockwell Commander 700, but still distinctive from the rest. Only a few prototypes have been built so far and it looks like it will never be built in series.

Here you see the engine nacelle of the Rysachok with its typical intake on top and exhausts with straight edges.

The tail of the Rysachok is relatively large, and the rudder from the top to the bttom of the rear fuselage is a ckear recognition point.

Confusion possible with

Embraer EMB100

comp air 12

Like the Rysachok the Embraer Bandeirante predecessor has a somwehat sturdy or boxy appearance. The EMB100 has round cabin windows though and air intakes below the prop spinner.

Fairchild/Swearingen Merlin III

pa 46 500tp

The SA226T Merlin III indeed has rectangular cabin windows and air intakes above the prop spinners, but the exhaust is at the back. Additionally, it has double wheels on all legs and a big dorsal fin.

Piper PA-31T Cheyenne

tbm 850

The Piper Cheyenne has similar cabin windows as the Rysachok, and the same basic configuration. However, the PA-31T has the air intakes at the bottom of the nacelles, a smaller tail and tip tanks.

Pacific Airmotive Tradewind

m 101t

The big radial engines should altready be a clear hint that this is not a Rysachok. Moreover, the Tradewind has some panoramic cabin windows and a single nose wheel.

Fuji FA300/Rockwell Commander 700

falcon 402 oval windows

With some imagination you could see similarities between the FA300 and the Rysachok. However, one look at the cockpit windows, cabin windows and engine nacelles and you see that they are quite different.