Short SD3-60 (Shorts 360)

While the Shorts 330 was a direct successor of the Skyvan, both in design and looks, the follow up aircraft is more conventional with its single vertical stabiliser. However, for the rest the Shorts 360 (officially designated SD3-60) is very much the same as the 330. So it has a somewhat streamlined fuselage with a square cross section and large rectangular cabin windows. Long, slender wings are attached on top of the fuselage, passing above the cabin. They are braced to the streamline pods for the main gear at the side of the fuselage. The rear fuselage slopes up, but not as much as on the Shorts 330. At the end is a tall vertical stabiliser with nicely curved large dorsal fin. The front fuselage is pointed, with many cockpit windows, including eyebrow ones. The all single wheels gear is retractable, with the main gear retracting in pods next to the fuselage.

The front fuselage of the Shorts 360 is quite pointed, to allow for streamline in spite of the boxy shape. Note the many cockpit windows, including two eyebrow ones (of which one is tiny!).

On this photo the wing bracing struts are clearly visible, as is the shape of the nacelles and cabin windows.

The rear fuselage of the Shorts 360 slopes up, ending with a single vertical stabiliser. Note the bagage door at the side, behind the registration. There is none in the underside of the rear fuselage.

The Shorts 360 has single main gears that retract in streamline pods next to the fuselage, where the struts are attached.

Different versions

The different versions of the Shorts 360 can be recognised by looking at:

  • the number of propeller blades
  • the presence of clear cabin windows or metal plugs

Shorts 360-100 & 200 (Short SD3-60 Series 100 & 200)

The first two variants of the 360 mainly differ in the engine subtype and how powerfull they are. These engines drive five blade propellers. A full view photo of a Shorts 360-200 is at the top of this page. A detail photo of the nacelles and props is above.

Shorts 360-300 (SD3-60 Series 300)

This improved version has again more powerfull engines than the Series 100 and 200, but also six blade props. So the latter is the way to recognise the Shorts 360-300.

Detail view of the nacelles and propellers of the Shorts 360-300. The six blades are clearly visible.

Shorts 360-300F (SD3-60 Series 300)

In this cargo conversion the clear cabin windows have been replaced by metal plugs. For the rest is it outward the same as the passenger Series 300.

You can still clearly see where the cabin windows of this Shorts 360-300F once have been, as the painted plugs have a dark outline.

Confusion possible with

Shorts 330

sh330 200

The Shorts 330 is very similar to the 360 except for one very obvious difference, the H-tail of course.

CASA C-212

c212 200

The CASA 212 is as 'boxy' as the Shorts 360, but has a fixed landing gear, round cabin windows and no wing struts, apart from smaller differences.


cn235m 100

Both in general appearance and size the CN-235 and Shorts 360 are similar. The CN-235 has no struts to brace the wings though, double wheels on all gears, and larger fairings to hold the retracted gear, apart from smaller differences.