Kawasaki C-2

When Japanese manufacturer Kawasaki developed the C-2 as replacement for the much smaller C-1, it clearly looked at the McDonnell-Douglas C-17 for inspiration. The nose of of the C-2 is slightly more pointed and the  the cockpit windows include eyebrow windows and feet windows. These windows are actually the same as for the Kawasaki P-1, except for the feet windows. The tail has the same appearance as that of the Globemaster: it seems to be wider at the top than at the base. The C-2 has two big turbofans under the wings and three sets of two wheel main landing gears on each side. Finally, it lacks winglets. 

The cockpit windows of the Kawasaki C-2 include eyebrow and feet windows. The nose is slightly pointed.

The massive CF6 engines make the C-2 look a rather small aircraft, although it has about the same size as the Airbus A400.

The vertical stabiliser of the C-2 is similar in shape as that of the C-17: it seems to be wider at the top than at the base.


This is the standard transport version, without the bulges and antennas mentioned for the RC-2 below.

A full view of the standard transport version of the Kawasaki C-2.


Apart from the standard transport version, the JASDF also has a single electronic intelligence (ELINT) version, designated as RC-2. It has multiple radomes on front, top, side and rear of the fuselage, as well as on top of the vertical stabiliser.

The Kawasaki RC-2 has multiple bulges for antennas on the nose, fuselage and tail to allow easy recognition. (photo WikiMedia/防衛省)

Confusion possible with

Antonov An-178

an 178

Like the C-2 the two big engines make the An-178 look small, and it actually is smaller than the C-2. Furthermore the Antonov has no eyebrow nor feet cockpit windows and two tandem wheels on each main landing gear.

McDonnell-Douglas C-17

c 17

Although there is one big difference - the C-2 has only two engines - the similarities between the C-17 and C-2 are clear, especially when looking at the nose and tail. Additionally the C-17 has winglets and is bigger.