Cessna 680A Citation Latitude

The Cessna Citation Latitude is a completely new design, although some elements in the external appearance look familiar. In particular the Latitude is clearly derived from the Citation Sovereign, with a shortened fuselage and bent-up wingtips, and delta fins of the Citation Excel. Therefore you are most likely to confuse the aircraft with these two.

Compared to the Citation Sovereign (and Citation Excel) the Latitude also has different cockpit windows, four instead of the six inherited from the Citation III. Also the Sovereign has no ventral fins. Finally the Sovereign has no bent-up wingtips, although Sovereign+ has, so you are safe with using the cockpit windows and ventral fins as recognition points.

This type is used by the Japanese air force as flight checker. This version has designation U-680A. 

Cessna 680A Citation Latitude

Tail of Citation Latitude, with ventral fins and air intake in dorsal fin.

Nose of Citation Latitude.

Confusion possible with

Cessna 560XL Citation Excel

citation xls

Some elements of the Citation Excel are also visible on the Citation Latitude, especially the ventral fins. For the rest the Excel is smaller, has straight wings and old-style - Citation III - cockpit windows.

Cessna 680 Citation Sovereign

citation sovereign

The aircraft mostly similar to the Citation Latitude is the Citation Sovereign. The model number of the Latitude (680A) already shows the family relationship. The main differences are the cockpit windows, length and (lack of) ventral fins. Note that the Sovereign+ has bent-up wingtips like the Latitude, so don't be fooled by them.

IAI1126 Galaxy/Gulfstream G200


While smaller and narrower the tail of the Gulfstream G200 may make you believe to have encountered a Citation Latitude. For the rest the aircraft types are sufficiently different to keep them apart easily.

Lockheed Jetstar

jetstar ii

The four engines attached in pairs to the rear fuselage, large tanks under the wings and a cruciform tail are unique for the Jetstar, but the twin engine Citation Latitude comes closest in appearance, especially for the L-329. However, the Citation has different cockpit windows and no tanks attached to the wings.