Beechcraft 99

The Beech 99 fifteen-seat commuter aircraft is clearly a descendant of the Beech 65 Queen Air, or more precisely the U-21 Ute military aircraft. The Beech 99 retains the rectangular, almost square cabin windows of the U-21, albeit in a stretched fuselage with a much longer nose. This is mated with the turboprop engines of the King Air.

Beech 99A Airliner

Long nose of Beech 99.

Different versions

Versions of the Beech 99 differ in engine power, maximum take-off weight and interior outfitting. So there is little to distinguish from the outside. These are the subtypes:

  • 99 Airliner
  • 99 Executive
  • 99A Airliner
  • A99A Airliner
  • B99 Airliner
  • B99 Executive
  • C99 Commuter

The Airliner and Commuter are basic passenger versions, while the Executive model has a more luxurious interior. 

Confusion possible with

Beechcraft 65 Queen Air & U-21 Ute 

beech u 21a

The Queen Air & King Air series were the bases for the Model 99, so they bare a large resemblance. In parrticular the Beech 99 looks like a stretched U-21 Ute, which also has rectangular cabin windows and turboprop engines.

Beech 100 King Air

beech a100

This King Air model is the closest relative of the Beech 99 in size. It however has round cabin windows.

Cessna 404

cessna 404

The Cessna 404 (and to a lesser extent the Reims F406) are a bit smaller than the Beech 99, but have cabin windows with a sharp corner. These windows are rectangular though. Also the nose gear is further aft and the horizontal stabilisers have dihedral.

Embraer EMB110 Bandeirante


The Embraer Bandeirante the closest competitor of the Beech 99, being similar in size, purpose and being non pressurised. It however has different cockpit windows, rectangular cabin windows which are rounded at the top, a forward retracting nose gear and single wheel main gear.

British Aerospace Jetstream

jetstream 32

The first generation Jetstream is contemporary to the Beech 99. It however has oval cabin windows, a for­ward retracting double wheel nose gear, single wheels main gears and a cruciform tail. The nacelles are also diffe­rent.