Fuji T-7

The Japanese was one of the first customers of the Beechcraft T-34 Mentor. This was locally produced. Fuji made several own developments of this aircraft, of which the T-7 is among the latest iteration for the JASDF, the air force. The aircraft still has many elements that trace back to the T-34, in particular the straight wings with a slightly swept inboard section, the tandem bubble canopy and the landing gear, of which the nearly triangular main gears doors are very typical. The instructor sits behind the student each other, and both have a part of the canopy that slides to the rear. The aircraft is powered by a turboprop engine in the nose, with an air intake under the prop spinner, and exhausts on both lower sides of the cowling. Finally, the T‑7 has a slightly swept vertical stabiliser, with a triangular dorsal fin in front.

The nose of the Fuji T-7, showing the cowling with a typical cooler intake and exhaust on the right side, as well as the Beechcraft Mentor/Bonanza style nose gear.

The slightly swept wing leading edge of the Fuji T-7, near the wing root, is clearly visible here, as are the main gear doors and swept vertical fin.

Confusion possible with

Beechcraft T-34 (Turbo) Mentor

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Obvisouly, the Beech T-34 is mentioned here because the Fuji T-7 is a development of it, and especially the T-34C Turbo Mentor is similar. The T-34C has a straight vertical stabiliser though, two ventral strakes, air intakes on both lower sides of the nose and exhaust on both sides of the nose.

Fuji KM-2

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This four seat liaison aircraft is also based on the T-34, but then with a wider fuselage, a proper cabin with side windows and doors and a piston engine. Many other features of the KM-2 are similar to the T-7 though. 

Fuji T-5

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In essence, the Fuji T-5 is the side-by-side cockpit version of the T-7, with a shorter and wider canopy. The T-5 also has a wider fuselage, but retains all of the other T-7 features. 

Yakovlev Yak-52

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The tandem bubble canopy and retractable gear are the main similarities between the T‑7 and Yak‑52, although this long gear does not completely retract and has no doors. Additionally, the Yak has a radial piston engine and a rounded vertical stabiliser.

Pilatus PC-7

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The PC-7 has a long bubble canopy with a single bow frame and a non-swept vertical fin. Also the inner portion of the wings, near the roots, have no dihedral. Finally, the Pilatus has no main gear doors like the T-7. So even to they are superficially the same, the Pilatus is quite different.