Epic LT & E1000

The Epic LT is an advanced home-built aircraft with a turboprop engine in the nose. About fifty were built before Epic Aircraft stopped producing kits in favour of the E1000, the certified version of the Epic LT. The E1000 is delivered as a complete aircraft.

It is in the class of the TBM series and Piper Malibu Meridian. The key characteristics are the two curved cockpit windows and (nearly) round cabin windows, much like those of the Farnborough F1 slash Kestrel JP10, and now known as One Aviation K-350. Compared to the latter the nose gear has two doors and the distance between the cockpit window and first cabin window is smaller. The cabin windows seem more round. Finally, the cabin door is at the third cabin window.

To distinguish the Epic LT and E1000 from the very similar Farnborough F1/One Aviation K-350, look at the nose gear: it has nose gear doors. Also the space between the cockpit and cabin windows is smaller.

Epic LT & E1000

These are the original versions, Epic LT being the home-built and E1000 the certified one. Both have a four bladed prop as standard.

E1000 GX

The improved version of the E1000 is called E1000 GX. Apart from new avionics the most obvious external difference is the five bladed prop.

Confusion possible with

Farnborough F1/One Aviation K-350

farnborough f1

You will immediately notice the many similarities in appearance between the Farnborough F1 a.k.a. One AViation K-350 and the Epic LT and E1000. The former has no nose gear doors and larger distance between the cockpit window and first cabin window. Finally, the entrance door is at the fourth cabin window.


tbm 850

The TBM-700 series have four cockpit windows and rectangular cabin windows. Other differences are more subtle.

Myasishchev M-101T Gzhel

m 101t

This Russian single engine turboprop is more similar in appearance to the TBM series than the Epic aircraft. Even the cockpit side window looks much like that of the TBM. So it also has four cockpit window and rectangular cabin windows.

Piper PA-46 Malibu Meridian

pa 46 500tp

The PA-46 Malibu Meridian (currently M500/M600) is Pipers entry in the single turboprop class. It can be distinguished from the Epic LT/E1000 mainly by the four cockpit windows, the larger, rectangular cabin windows (wider than high), but also by the air intake(s).

Comp-Air 12

comp air 12

This single engine turboprop has winglets, two large exhausts under the nose, four cockpit windows and a higher placed stabilo. That should be enough to avoid a mix-up with the Epic aircraft.