Embraer EMB100 Bandeirante

When Brazil identified the need for a small aircraft to serve the many communities not yet being served by air transport in the 1960s, it saw an opportunity to get the local industry from the ground. The aeronautical technical CTA designed a twin turboprop aircraft with low wings and a conventional tail. The aircraft was named Bandeirante and formed the basis for the first Embraer aircraft, the EMB110. This prototype was designated EMB100 by Embraer and YC-95 by the Brazilian military.

Of course the EMB100 looks a lot like the EMB110 most of us know better. It however has round cabin windows and typical cockpit windows: there is a small window in the large side window. Also the engine nacelles are higher.

Confusion possible with

Embraer EMB110 Bandeirante

emb110 c 95

The EMB100 was developed into the EMB110 Bandeirante. Obviously the general lines are clearly visible in the EMB110, but it has rounded rectangular cabin windows and other cockpit windows as most prominent differences.

Beech 100 King Air

beech a100

This King Air model has the same basic configuration as the EMB100 and even round cabin windows. The cockpit windows are different and the main gear has double wheels though.

Technoavia Rysachok


The Rysachok has about the same size and configuration as the EMB100, but less cockpit windows and square cabin windows. Additionally, the air intakes are on top of the nacelles.