First flight of Boeing 737-10

On 18 June 2021 Boeing flew the largest member of the 737MAX family, the MAX10, for the first time.

It started where all 737s are born, at Renton-Municipal airport (WA), and ended at Seattle-Boeing Field.  From there testing programme will be continued. This shoud lead to certification of the 737-10 in 2023. Then it will start the real competion with the Airbus A321neo, some four years after the latter entered service.

The Boieng 737-10 is about 1.5m longer than the 737-9. This makes identification tricky, also from the shorter 737 MAX200 because all models have an extra emergency behind the wing, in addition to two overwing exits on eahc side. The only way to recognise a MAX10 is its modified, levered landing gear. This means that - when on the ground - the wheels on the main landing gear are slightly aft of the leg, not in the centre of the strut like on other 737 subtypes. (photo: Boeing)