Cessna Citation CJ4 Gen2

After ten years it was about time that Textron Aviation gave the Cessna Citation CJ4 an upgrade, the Gen2.


While Model 525C sold quite well, with more than 320 delivered, it needed to be modernised to keep up with the competition. The Citation CJ4 Gen2 main has interior updates, like a cabin with all the modern amenities of a new gallery area, more storage options and an updated tablet for wirelessly operating the cabin management system. From the outside the only obvious change is the small window on top of the fuselage, just before the engines. These provide natural light in the lavatory, through so-called skylights. Furthermore the folding stairs now have four steps instead of three and there is a foldable handrail.

The CJ4 Gen2 has already received an updated certification under its Model 525C FAA type certificate. Deliveries are to start this quarter.

Note that the photo is still of the first generation CJ4.