G700 is Gulfstream's new flagship

As expected by analists Gulftream has taken the opportunity of the NBAA Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition to announce its answer to thre Bombardier Global 7500.

The new aircraft is named G700 and is based on the G650, incorporating many features of the G500 and G600. The most visible change on the outside are the ten cabin windows - instead of eight on the G650, made possible by the fuselage stretch of about three metres. Also the vertical stabiliser is less tall than that of the G650, allowing easier hangar access. Finally, the winglets of the G700 are slightly curved, compared to stright on the G650. A less visible change is the introduction of the Rolls Royce Pearl engines as a replacement of the BMW/Rolls Royce BR725 engines.

The first two aircraft already secretly rolled off the Savannah production line. They will undergo grond testing until the first flight, planned for the first half of 2020. Entry into service should follow in 2022. (photo copyright Gulfstream Aerospace)