Comp Air 9

The Comp Air 9 was developed around the same time as the Comp Air 12. This is visible in some elements like the cockpit and cabin windows. But for the rest it is quite different.

Typical for this composite aircraft is the sleek appearance of the streamlined fuselage. This is not so 'boxy' as similar aircraft. The CA9 has a fixed landing gear like those competitors, optionally with streamlined pods around the wheels. Furthermore, it has a high mounted wings without wing struts, a normal tail and a single turboprop engine in the long nose. Its exhaust is below the nose. At the rear are two ventral fins.

Confusion possible with

Extra EA500


The Extra comes closest in appea­rance to the Comp Air 9. The EA500 has a retractable gear though and a larger diameter fuselage. Also the horizontal stabilisers and placed high on the tail, making it nearly a T-tail. (photo: Klever/WikiMedia

Cessna 206/207 Stationair

cessna t207a soloy turbine

This long cabin version of the Cessna 172 could be confused with the Comp Air, as it has the same basic shape, especially the Soloy turboprop conver­sion shown here. The Cessnas have larger cabin windows and wings struts, apart from smaller differences. (photo: Igor Dvurekov/WikiMedia)

Explorer 500T

explorer 500t

The Explorer 500T has about the same size as the Comp Air 9, but has a retractable landing gear and associated stream­line bodies at the wing strut attachment. Also the cabin windows are larger. (photo FlugKerl2/WikiMedia)