Avtek 400

Many have tried to build futuristic looking aircraft, but many also failed finding a market. This applies to Avtek, which built a single proof-of-concept of the Avtek 400.

The Avtek 400 is a small twin turboprop aircraft with straight, low mounted wings. On top of the wings are the engine nacelles, with four blade pusher props. Typical is the straight canard wing, placed on top of the fuselage, above the cockpit. The aircraft only has a vertical stabiliser.

The photo aboven was kindly provided by Peter Davis.

Confusion possible with

Piaggio P180 Avanti

p180 avanti

Like the Avtek 400 the Avanti has an unusual configuration. However the Avanti is a three-surface aircraft, with a regular horizontal stabiliser (T-tail). The canard is placed at the nose. The Avtek has a true canard configu­ration.

Beech 2000 Startship

beech 2000a

This canard aircraft with pusher props is bigger than the Avtek. More importantly it has two vertical stabilisers at the wing tips. The canard is located at the nose.

AASI Jetcruzer

jetcruzer 500

Like the Avtek 400 the Jetcruzer has a canard configuration, but the latter has vertical stabilisers at the end of the wings. Moreover, the Jetcruzer has one engine at the rear of the fuselage while the Avtek has two on the wings.