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Website updates

  • Welcome to 2021!

    03 January 2021
    Happy new year to all of you! At the start of the 2021 we have four of new aircraft types added to the website. These are the Fokker F28, Fokker 70 & Fokker 100, Ilyushin Il-62, Lockheed F-35/X-35 and Saab 340 & 2000.
  • Updates 20 December 2020

    20 December 2020
  • Eight new types added November

    28 November 2020
    It has been quite for a while on the update list, but we can announce that no less than eight new aircraft types have been added to the website. These are the Airbus A330, Beechcraft Starship, Dassault Falcon 20deHavilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter, deHavilland Canada DHC-7, Gates/Bombardier Learjet family, Lockheed JetStar and Piper PA-47 PiperJet.
  • New turboprop trainers added

    14 October 2020
    Last weeks we have dug into the high performance turboprop aircraft. These all looks much the same, but now you can find out what the differences are between the Embraer (Super) Tucano, Beechcraft T-6 Texan II, Pilatus PC-7, Pilatus PC-9 and Pilatus PC-21. Go check them out.
  • Three new types added

    15 August 2020
    We have added three new aircraft types to the website, all with full descriptions on how to distinguish the different subtypes, These are the 'classic' Cessna Citation I/II/V family, the Kawasaki C-2 and the North American (Rockwell) Sabreliner.
  • Landing gear configuration added

    29 July 2020
    Now that we are adding more older aircraft types to the website, we have added the landing gear configuation to the filtering parameters. This way you can better filter the many single engine propeller aircraft.
  • Dornier 328 and Kawasaki T-4 added

    21 July 2020
    Even though it is holiday time we still manage to add new aircraft types to the website. Go check out how to recognise the Dornier 328 commuter aircraft and Kawasaki T-4 jet trainer!
  • Aircraft Recognition Guide on social media

    07 June 2020
    As off today there is a new way to stay up to date with Aircraft Recognition Guide. Just follow us on Facebook or Instagram. Click on the icons next to the menu to go to our social media pages.
  • Five additional aircraft types added

    17 May 2020
    We continue to expand the website with the addition of full descriptions of no less than five new aircraft types, the Adam A700, British Aerospace ATP, Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet, Lockheed C-5 Galaxy and Raytheon Hawker 4000.
  • New types added

    18 April 2020
    We continue the work behind the scenes but have also added full descriptions of the following aircraft types: Cessna Conquest II, Mitsubishi F-2 and the Boeing (McDonnell-Douglas) C-17 Globemaster III.
  • Piaggio Avanti added

    23 February 2020
    Most updates the last months have been largely unvisible, but sometimes we add a full aircraft type for the list. This time it concerns the Piaggio Avanti.
  • Embraer Phenom 300 and Airbus A400 added

    21 November 2019
    While we have been mostly working on adding propeller aircraft to the 'search by airplane characteristics' page, we also managed to make detailed descriptions on how to recognise the Embraer Phenom 300 and Airbus A400, the first prop aircraft.
  • IAI bizjets added

    13 September 2019
    Three more bizjet aircraft types are ready to be explored, to learn how to recognise them. These are the Jet Commander & Westwind series, IAI1125 Astra, Gulfstteam G100/G150 and IAI1126 Galaxy, also known as Gulfstream G200. 
  • Boeing updates

    29 August 2019
    Today we have worked out all the variants of the Boeing 727, 757 and 777. Go check how to recognise them!
  • Search by characteristics make-over

    10 June 2019
    It has been a while that we last updated the website. We have been working hard on the search by characteristics page. This is now much easier: you just check the characteristics of the aircraft than you are looking for and the results are automatically updated.
  • New additions February

    10 February 2019
    Finally we found time for an update again. Three new types are ready to be explored: the British Aerospace 125 series, Falcon 10/100 and Falcon 7X/8X.
  • Update 2019 #1

    07 January 2019
    The first updates of 2019 is a big one. First of all we have added overview pages for aircraft with jet engines mounted on top of the wings. Also details about recognising subtypes of the Ilyushin Il-86 and Il-96 is now available. Check it out!
  • New aircraft types 9 December 2018

    09 December 2018
    We gradually increase the number of aircraft types for which a full description is available, including how to distinguish subtypes. Today we added the Aérospatiale Corvette, Airbus A340Airbus A380, Cessna Citation Sovereign and Citation Latitude.
  • Cruciform tails added

    25 November 2018
    We are one step closer to having an overview of all multi-jet-engine aircraft in the transport category. From now on all aircraft with a cruficorm tail have been added, so with a horizontal stabiliser attached to the vertical stabiliser somewhere between the fuselage (low, conventional tail) and the top (T-tail).
  • Trijets added

    28 October 2018
    We are now near having all multi-engine jet transport aircraft included in the search by characteristics page. From now on you can look up the aircraft with three jet engines. Check for yourself what the differences are between for example the Boeing 727 and the Tupolev 154!
  • Search by main aircraft type added

    22 October 2018
    From now on you cannot only search by the characteristics of the aircraft you are looking for, but also directly by the combination of the manufacturer and the main aircraft type or family. This makes it convenient if you already know the aircraft family and just want to know the exact aircraft type.
  • Embraer 170/190 family added

    17 October 2018
    Today the details of the different members of the Embraer E-Jet family, the Embraer 170 until the 195, were added. It includes the E2 versions.
  • Cessna 650 & 750 added

    04 October 2018
    Today two Cessna Citation types were added, the model 650 Citation III and the model 750 Citation. Check them out!
  • Additions 23 September

    23 September 2018
    Over the last two weeks we have added several overview pages. Check them out via the new 'search by characteristics' page, which is now also operational! Additionally there are now detailed overviews of the Challenger 300/350 and HFB320 Hansajet.
  • Additions 9 September

    09 September 2018
    A lot of news this time. We have added overview pages for twin jet airplanes with low, swept wings with engines mounted under the wings and a conventional tail, and for T-tailed airplanes with four engines in pairs attached to the rear fuselage. Additionally there are now detailed overviews of the Dassault Mercure and MU-300/Beech 400.
  • Boeing 737 added

    01 September 2018
    The first jetliner for which a page with all details about the different versions is ready: the Boeing 737!
  • Twin jets, low straight/swept wing & T-tail added

    31 August 2018
    The second and third overview pages are now ready. One is for all twin jet airplanes with low, straight wings with engines mounted at the rear of the fuselage, and a T-tail. The other is the same except for aircraft with a swept wing.
  • Bombardier Global series added

    23 August 2018
    The second detailed description concerns the subtypes of the Bombardier Global series, so the Global Express, Global 5000, etc.
  • Twin jets, high wing & T-tail added

    23 August 2018
    The first overview page was made, for all twin jet airplanes with high wings with engines mounted under the wing, and a T-tail.
  • Gulfstream large cabin jets added

    21 August 2018
    Today we added a detailed description to recognise all different subtypes of the Gulfstream large cabin jets, so the G-II until G650ER.