Aircraft Recognition Guide

Aircraft Recognition Guide


Welcome to this aircraft recognition guide! This website is to help you recognise different aircraft types. It is meant for all aviation enthusiasts, ranging from those that occasionally go aircraft viewing at an airport or airshow to 'hardcore' aircraft spotters that want to know the exact aircraft type. On this website you will find all the information on what to look for, with a lot of images and tips to help you! As there are so many different aircraft this website will be gradually expanded.

Getting started

Recognising an aircraft type starts by looking at specific characteristics of the aircraft: what type of aircraft is it (e.g. airplane or helicopter), is it a jet or propeller aircraft, how many engines does it have, what is the wing and tail configuration? Under menu item "What to look for?" We have explained what the main characteristics are.

Once you know what to look for you can start your search. This can be done in two ways:

  1. By main characteristics. Answer some questions about the (main) properties of the aircraft to be identified, using checkboxes. This will narrow your search eventually bringing you to the webpage of the aircraft you are looking for.
  2. By aircraft manufacturer and main aircraft type. If you already know the main type of the aircraft and are just looking for the exact subtype you can also start the search from the combination of manufacturer and main aircraft type.

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